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A445 USB Patch Board






Moretop patch board


40W/8A,5 port USB


5 USB port, single port support 2.4A fast charge,5 Safety protection






Increasing in the number of smart devices nowdays, patch board occupied by this 
devices at the same time, ordinary patch board must be changed.Therefore,the 
redesign patchboard, Defined the 5 groups of USB port and four standard socket 
integrated together, concise, delicate, small.
Smart chip automatically assigned current , support for mobile 
phones, tablet quick charge
Provide 5 USB charging port, the performance is could comparable to the original 
charger.Only use USB cable, can charge for home phone, tablet, e-books, digital 
cameras and common devices at the same time. Unique USB intelligent charging 
chip, can  identify equipment current automaticly and support 2.4A quick charge.
Provide  safe charge power the same as original charger , no damage to the battery 
life.The characteristic of the electric leakage protection, effectively safeguard the 
personal safety. Power conversion rate is achieved 82%, compared to the original 
charger is more save electricity, more energy-efficient, more efficient.
Overload power timely, prevent short circuit on fire
When the load exceeds bid, there will  be produced overload short circuit and fire risk.
Professional design of current overload protector to cut off the power supply in time 
while the overload danger happening, Avoid the danger of fire effectively and short 
Effectively prevent fire hazards
Using high quality PC material production casing, high voltage part of the plastic parts, 
add strong flame retardant element, be more safe.Through professional flame retardant 
test, high temperature upto 750 ℃, ully meet the national fire retardant standards.
Optimization  internal structure, compact and durable socket independent module, 
intelligent fast charging USB interface, 26 mm thickness, concise, exquisite.Household, 
business travel, easy and convenience to use.
Screws are covered by skid resistance foot pad to keep brief outward,and enable more 
steady on desk.
Human nature design, care   the details, safety switch, hidden reminderlight, elaborate 
set-up, feel comfortable.
Prevent overload: when the current exceeds the limit, cut off power supply automaticly, 
prevent overload use, overload eliminated, can be manually restored
Flame retardant:   excellent flame retardant materials, conform to the glow wire testing 
standards of the state.Effective delay or prevent burning.
Five USB charging interface, can recharge 5 digital devices at the same time.Four 
national standard combination welly, jack two flat plug three flat plug, applicable 
national standard gb, Germany standard 4.8 mm diameter two round plug.Selects the 
high quality copper, sophisticated technology, guide have friendly relations, low 
temperature rise.
Built-in automatic charging identification chip, for the vast majority of products on the
 market for 5 v quick charge, such as huawei, millet series products, the Apple, Samsung
Tablet, etc.
1、The connection of the electrical equipment shall not exceed the total power rating.
2、Prohibited to use the power cord strapping, not unfold condition, to avoid abnormal 
3、The front grounding breakdown or non-standard may lead to danger.
4、Cannot be used in damp environment.
5、Forbidden to remove and open the back cover.
6、Prohibited to burning, keep away from heat source.
7、Children without adult supervision do not use this product alone.
8、This product does not have lightning protection function, it is suggested that shut 
down this product power supply under the environment of the thunder.
While Electrifying  this product, please do not use a conductor or other tools to test 
protect door open.
Amateurs do not open, modification, repair or maintenance of this product.
1、When this product excessive overload using, more than 10 a load current, overload 
protection switch security protection effect will be power off, remove the electric 
equipment, manual closing switch.
2、While this product USB output leading to short circuit, overload or other reasons leading 
the device enter into  protection state, will not be able to charge normally, remove the 
fault equipment, will be returned to normal automatically.
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