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BAT5000 Power bank

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For everyone, standby power is necessary, we often encounter some problem such as the phone is power off suddenly. Ipad, PSP prompt" low battery " and cann't be used normally. Measy BAT5000 bring the gospel to everyone. It supports built-in  lithium ion battery which is up to 5200 mAh high capacity. It supplys a USB output charging port, can make your device continue to use normally in emergency situations without electricity. So MEASY BAT5000 is really a essential backup power for you.






BAT5000 portable power supply a 5V-1000mAh type A USB output port. With different charge ports, it can charge for your mobile device, such as Apple iPad / Samsung Galaxy Tab, also can charge for your other device, such as iPhone, iPod, PSP. 
A full charged BAT5000 portable power can recharge for a depleted power iPhone 2.6 times. If for an Ipad without no electric, it also can recharge to 55% of the full charge. For some long-distance traveller, air traveller and camplers, BAT5000 is the best choice of the backup power.






BAT5000 integrates the interfaces as follows


USB  charging output port  1
Micro USB port for charging the mobile devices 1
Power/light button  1
LED power indicator  4
Led light  1





1. small volume,the size just 45*95MM,large capacity of the battery, can up to 5200mAh
2. Ergonomic design. The right side had been desiged into a smooth arc , and the power button was put 
    on the left side of it .Both  ends tucked into a radian. It is easy held in the hand , and also convenient to 
    be placed in the trunk 
3. At the top end, there has a LED flashlight Which could light in poor lighting condition
4. The front 4 Blue LED power indicators, make you know the remaining electricity  more convenient 




The batteries core is the most crucial parts of the mobile power. It is quality decide the life of the entire mobile battery, also decide the charging time every time. MEASY BAT5000 used the original imported Samsung Alithium-ion batteries, can bear high temerature and owercharge, no explpsion, no burning and long using life.




The CPU of BAT5000 is an intelligent control circuit chip which integrated charge mangement module, the cureent detection module and boost discharge management module. It has high efficient and stable output, perfect protection design. With overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overload protection and shore circuit protection. Can ensure the safty of the mobile phones'charging effectively. 


There had been set up a protection circuit in order to protect the lithium-ion batteries in the panels. Due to the chemical properties of the lithium-ion battery ,during normal use, there is a positive reaction bettwen its internal chemical energy and chemical energy, and make them change into each other. But under certain conditions, such as its overcharge, over-discharge and over-current will result in battery internal chemical side effects. And the increased side effects will seriously affect the performance and service life of the battery, and may produce large amounts of gas. That make the battery internal pressure increase rapidly then explode, theb lead to security problem. Therefore, all of the Lithium-ion battery requires a protection circuit for detecting the charge an discharge state of the battery  effectively. And make it can disconnect the circuit when the battery voltage is less than 2.4 volts, the battery is charged to 4.2 volts or when the battery was discharge with large current or shore-circuit. That can protect the battery and prevent damaging to the battery.    




A.External charge: while using BAT5000 to charge Iphone, Ipad:



1. choose the correct mobile adaptor and connect it with USB charging cable. Then connect it with the 
    charging port of the mobile power, and other end connected with the port of the mobile phone, ipad.
2. Press the power indicator button, the LED power indicator will light automatically and enter to the mode 
    of charging. The lighted LED will go out in 2 seconds without any operation.After press the power 
    button one time, the mobile power will open for external charging in two minutes 
3. BAT5000 will automatically cut off charging after it was full of charge, and will keep the standby state


B. Internal charge: while using BAT5000 to charge the internal of backup power


1. Use the USB cable and Mini Micro USB plug to connect the power adapter and backup power, power on 
    then could charge the backup power. You also can charge from the USB port of the computers 
2. While charging, LED power indicators will twinkle according to corresponding charging status.
3. When 4 LED power indicators are all light, cut off the power.

C. Power indication


Under any situation, the power indicators will display the remaining power of the 
backup power by pressing the power button. Each one represents 25% of power.




The use of the flashlight 


Press the power button twice continuously, then the LED light of the flashlight will turn on. Then go on pressing the power button twice contiuously, the LED light will turn off.




Battery capacity 5200mAh
Battery type 3.7V - 2600mA 3 lithium polymer
Input 5V – 500mAh~1000mAh
Output 5V~1A
Charge time 6-8 hours (charging backup power)
Discharge time
about 1 hours for an Ipad, about 1hour for 
Iphone or other mobile devices,







Size(L*W*H): 163 x 111 x 35 mm
Weight:  0.18 Kg 




N.W/CTN:  9 Kg 
G.W/CTN:  10 Kg
CTN Size:  58x34x20.5 cm


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